Classic Greek Busts with a Modern Flair

Classic Greek Busts with a Modern Flair

January 6, 2017
decorative greek busts

Incorporate the grandoise stories of Greek history in your home with decorative greek statues. Modeled after classic art and Grecian tradition, these table sculptures feature characters of art, literature, and mythology.

Made from ceramic, these busts are a substantial decor piece that evoke passion and tradition. They stand upon a sturdy base, graced with text from a time honored philosopher such as Aristotle, Epictetus, and Socrates.

decorative greek busts

The Brand: SOPHIA

SOPHIA’s concept is built upon the Grecian history of intellect, beauty, and strength. Through their motto, “Enjoy Thinking,” SOPHIA aims to introduce authentic Greek design to the market with a focus on ethical trade and a collaborative process. Designed and manufactured exclusively in Greece and Europe, the fundamentals of the brand are rooted in a cultural alliance and sustainability.

“[SOPHIA design] is inspired by all those things that have remained constant, beautiful, authentic, and true.”

Bold and Modern

A part of the Eternity Today collection, these Greek busts are created by designer Alexandra, who transforms classical heritage into modern style.

Bold hues of blue, red, and gold add an unexpected twist to these traditional pieces. These pieces are clean and contemporary, suited for both the traditional and transitional home.

Inspired by art, these decorative Greek statues are works of art themselves. Display them prominently in the home to introduce rich tradition in modern style.


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