Decorative Globes for Every Decor Style

December 29, 2016
contemporary globes

For centuries, an atlas has been a source of great wonder. Even today, as the world grows smaller, the reminder of the vast and varying world around us piques a unique sense of interest.

No longer just for the explorers, a globe is a classic decor piece that adds worldly appeal to the home; it is an accessory that holds both familiarity and curiosity. Decorating with a globe is a traditional choice, although it is not an accessory that is exclusive to the traditional home.

We adore the source of inspiration that a globe provides and curated a number of unique styles for you to incorporate into your home. This collection of decorative globes will suit the contemporary, modern, and traditionally styled space. From geometric frames to Victorian detail, each has a distinct character that will stand out in any setting, no matter the style.

Ideal for a desk or bookshelf, display this accessory wherever you need a bit of travel inspiration. We prefer ours at the bedside table, a reminder each morning to take our next great adventure.


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