Fair Trade Recycled Metal Sculptures From Kenya

February 2, 2017

Since their debut, the metal sculptures curated by Swahili African Modern have taken social media by storm. Their artistry is evident even in a photograph and people have taken notice. We’re enthusiastic for the success of these items, as awareness for the product also promotes the wellbeing of the small artisan.

recycled metal sculptures

These art pieces are handcrafted by master artisans outside Nairobi, Africa on Ngong Road. The Kabiria Metal Works’ crew is comprised of experienced metal welders who work under a fair trade cooperative. Using recycled metal scraps from oil drums and engine parts, they build each sculpture one at a time and from the bottom up. Each piece exhibits its own unique characteristics that are reflective of the artist who made it.

The attention to craft ensures a well made piece that will enthuse season after season.

recycled metal sculptures

For both indoors and out, the design possibilities for these art sculptures is a bountiful list. We find them just as fitting in a commercial space as they are in a residential one. Available in a range of sizes and styles, the collection offers something for every space.

Keep in mind, if you display them outdoors, a natural patina will develop over time. To prevent such, we recommend treating the metal beforehand and bringing the sculpture inside during harsh months.

recycled metal sculptures

The Best-Seller: Recycled Metal Ostrich Planters

Unique to the collection, our best selling metal ostrich planters also function as a gardening display. Designed with a gated basket, you can create the bird’s plume using flowers and greenery. Standing 5’ and 7’ tall, this garden sculpture is an eye-catching accessory that is suited for the whimsical home.

recycled metal sculptures

The rugged appeal of these recycled metal sculptures contrasts beautifully against a lush backdrop. Indoors, they are right at home in an industrial space and appeal to a monochromatic setting. The larger pieces act as a centerpiece for the room while the smaller designs suit a more subtle display.

Made under fair trade practices and with recycled materials, these metal sculptures are ethical works of art. Not only are we enamoured by their eye-catching display, but are inspired for what they represent, too.