Showcase Natural Elegance with Hand-Carved, Decorative Wooden Bowls

September 14, 2015

Made in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon by indigenous Yanesha artisans, these fair trade decorative wooden bowls are an exceptional display of the skill and heart behind traditional craft.

Each bowl begins as a piece of locally harvested wood and is meticulously carved, shaped, and finished with hundreds of individual strokes. The time and detail put into each bowl translates into a piece of effortless elegance; the natural appeal of the handcarved wood is captivating enough to need no other embellishment.

decorative wooden bowls
Hand Carved Wooden Bowls

The beauty of the hand-worked carving is evident in the variation of the wood grain. Contrasts in the color and texture of the wood give these bowls a natural appeal. Running your hands over the material, you can feel the slight waves rippling across the smooth material that are reminiscent of the hundreds of individual strokes it took to form the shape of the bowl. While the artisans excel in replicating their bowls for retail, the modest, inevitable disparities add to the personality of the piece and provide each consumer with a unique bowl.

These decorative wooden bowls showcase the excellence of handcrafted product on a large scale; ranging from 12” to 20” in width, they are a centerpiece design with a natural appeal. For their exceptional size they are remarkably lightweight, easy to gift or move from room to room.

decorative wooden bowls
Large Decorative Wooden Bowls

These decorative wooden bowls are developed as decorative accents, made to support dry foods and smaller decorative pieces. When maintained with food-safe oil, the natural luster and superior quality that accompanies these handmade pieces is guaranteed to last for years.

The artisans work with the fair trade company, PaTS, to obtain sustainable material in managed forests near their home. With each purchase of these bowls, you are not only receiving an exceptional piece of functional art, but you are also supporting Amazonian communities and the preservation of their natural material.


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