Discover the Unexpected Versatility of our Tequila Shot Glass Set

September 8, 2015

Some may say tequila is a summer spirit, but we beg to differ. Since when does summer get all the fun?

Our tequila shot glass set keeps the party going through fall. The perfect way to share shots with friends, this set is a shot glass and platter in one. Great for carrying from the kitchen or setting up at the bar, its sophisticated design is ideal for the sparkling hostess or refined wild child. And, of course, if tequila is not your drink of choice, any other spirit will be more than welcome!

tequila shot glass set

This tequila shot glass set works for more than just Friday night fun, too. The size is ideal for serving appetizers at holidays, weddings, or intimate get-togethers. Serve a drink and food pairing together on our individual sets. Soups and breads, mini burgers and beer, and chips and dip will surprise guests in this unconventional tray. We made a Pinterest board to get you started: mini tacos and margaritas, anyone?

For dessert, make the perfect sized confection for each guest in these shooters or serve a rich spirit to pair with the sweet (we’re thinking dark truffle cake and whiskey).

tequila shot glass set
Classically Styled

Souvenir shot glasses have their place, but it’s not necessarily on display in the kitchen. With a classic metal structure and sparkling glass accents, this tequila shot glass set creates a statement on a bar or kitchen counter. No need to hide away on the weekdays, this set is a cosmopolitan display that reminds you that the weekend isn’t far away!

We had no issue picking up this product at the end of the summer season, for its classic design and countless uses are sure to be a hit year round. Here in Michigan, it’s about to get chilly and, while a blanket and hot cocoa are much enjoyed, sometimes our favorite spirit is just what we need to add some warmth to our cheeks.


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