Design with a Cause: Chavez for Charity Bracelets

September 2, 2015

Taking a passion for jewelry design and a desire to give back, Chavez for Charity bracelets represent one company’s dedication to using their talents to help others.

Donating 25% of each bracelet sale to a respective charity, Chavez for Charity has raised over $500,000 for ten worldwide charities. By designing bracelets in ten different colors that each correspond with a charity, Chavez for Charity is impacting not one, but ten serious issues the world is facing.

chavez for charity bracelets

Upon its foundation, Chavez for Charity knew that they would not be able to pick one cause to support. Instead, they provide patrons with the opportunity to learn about ten worthwhile charities in the hopes that they will be inspired to become involved with those that speak to them. Not only are they raising money to go towards the goodwill of the world, they are also sparking a worldwide conversation about these issues that leads to further involvement.

chavez for charity bracelets
The Design Behind Chavez for Charity

While the brand’s focus is on supporting their chosen charities, Chavez for Charity bracelets are also developed with high fashion jewelry design in mind. Julie Chavez, founder and designer, has found worldwide success in high-end jewelry design, which provided her with the opportunity to pursue her lifetime goal of using her talents to help others.

The design of Chavez for Charity bracelets is based in simplicity, allowing your creativity in mixing and matching to be the main focus. Each bracelet has its own personality: different beads, charms, and compositions make for a dynamic and colorful collection. Styles within each color collection range from bright to serene and bold to sophisticated. Mix colors and styles to create a collection that is unique to your style.

Following their motto, “Look Good, Do Good,” Chavez for Charity has created their brand around designing jewelry with a cause. Not only is their jewelry focused on quality design, but it’s created upon a charitable foundation that continues to look forward to what more can be done.


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