Aran Sweaters Hand Knit in the Galway Bay

October 15th, 2015
mens irish sweater

On the Aran island of Inis Meáin, a small populous of islanders have perfected a traditional craft to keep their heritage alive and their community well. Dedicated to keeping their independence in a remote area off the Galway Bay, the locals developed a skill for knitting that provided warmth in an unfavorable climate.

mens irish sweater

In recent years, the Aran Sweater has gained worldwide attention for its unparalleled quality and detailed pattern. Under the same name as the island, the Inis Meáin Knitting Company works with the islanders to reinterpret their traditional knits for a modern and upscale fit. These men’s Irish sweaters are considered some of the finest hand knit sweaters in the world and can only be found from those who work with directly with the locals.

It is for this reason, and due to the high quality of garments, that we consider these Aran Sweaters to be works of art. Knits at this caliber and few and far between, and the style of this knit is exclusive to this part of the world. The are knitted in decadent yarns- wool, cashmere, baby alpaca, linen, and silk- and sourced from the finest mills in Europe and South America.

mens irish sweater
Irish Fisherman Sweaters

Our collection of Aran Sweaters are strongly inspired by the workwear garments of the island’s fisherman, whose sweaters needed strength, warmth, and movability. Due to the high tides and unpredictable sea, the fishermen carry their craft, known as a currach, up to the shore after each voyage. Each sweater bares the symbol of the currach as an homage to the work that inspired these knits.

We encourage you to discover a traditional craft that hails only from a remote region of the world. Not only made from the finest material, these Aran Sweaters tell a story of a lifelong tradition.


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