Celebrating the Artisan: Modern African Home Decor

August 25, 2015
African home decor

Combining traditional art with modern design, Swahili African Modern introduces African artisans to a global market by acting as a sales ambassador in nearly a dozen African nations.

As a part of a larger platform, the pieces included the Swahili African Modern collection vary in style but each display an incredible amount of intricacy and heart. Kitchenware, decor, and art in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes create a distinct and compelling repertoire of African home decor.

african home decor
Hand Carved Kitchen Utensils

Composed of locally sourced wood such as olivewood, blackwood, and mahogany, Swahili’s collection of hand carved wooden utensils combine artistry and functionality to create a beautiful serving piece.

The variation in the grain highlights the beauty of natural wood and presents a unique piece each time. Intricate carvings and detailed wood pairings transform everyday utensils into works of art and make a unique addition to your hosting necessities.

Modern African Art

Pottery, sculptures, and wall art compose our selection of modern African art for the home. Originating from several African nations, each piece of African home decor is influenced by the traditional craft of the artist’s heritage. Graced with colors, materials, and design specific to the nation, this artwork offers a compelling story.

african home decor

As a Fair Trade organization, Swahili African Modern is dedicated to providing African artisans the opportunity to connect their product to a worldwide market. Through conscientious and sustainable practices, artists are able to work in the comfort of their homes while secure in the knowledge that they are receiving fair pay.

Swahili is dedicated to African artisans and believes in the potential for a sustainable network of trade between Africa and the United States. Artisans hold the key to their personal success, and Swahili hopes to open doors to this success by promoting growth and cultural affinity.

We encourage you to discover the story behind each piece and become as enthralled with the artistry as we were upon our finding it. This collection of African home decor brings history and artistry to the home and connects you with the artists who have created something meaningful.


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