It's Never the Wrong Season for Classic Woven Blankets

July 27, 2015

As something that has been lacking in our repertoire, we wanted to make sure the first throw blankets added to Trovati upheld a luxurious standard that all others were to follow.

Our new range of woven blankets did not need to be expansive, for the handful of styles we selected cover all the necessities we look for in a throw. This collection is classic; it is everything that a throw blanket should be and nothing more.

classic woven blankets
Classic Style Throw Blankets

Leaning toward simplicity, the subtle colors and patterns of these woven blankets fit a wide range of interior design styles and can be taken from room to room without hesitation.

Using either solid prints or plaid, the design is meant to enhance the look of the room, not overpower it. The color schemes are limited to one or two tones that blend well with one another and have a contemporary feel. To finish, fringed ends add a hint of movement that is quintessential to the classic throw.

Quality Material = Comfort and Durability

These large throw blankets are made in the USA and are backed by thirty years experience. The quality of the woven blankets has always been a top priority. Bedford Cottage/Kennebunk Home remains loyal to the styles that have become a favorite since their beginnings, while upgrading details to fit modern design.

classic woven blankets
The Dann Foley Collection

The Dann Foley collection, designed for Bedford Cottage/Kennebunk Home, takes a more simple approach to their luxury throws. Following the same standard of quality, this collection uses materials such as silk, bamboo, and alpaca to create a lavish home experience.

The prints are contemporary, yet subtle, fitting for any modern space. Contrasting to the thick texture of the woven blankets, these luxury throws are sleek and sophisticated, yet remain as cozy as their classic counterparts.

classic woven blankets

Whether you are looking for a high-style, contemporary throw or for a cozy, classic one, Bedford Cottage/Kennebunk Home offers exactly what your space needs: a soft, elegant addition that enhances your space and keeps you warm. And, as the summer nights start to cool, we'll be happy to welcome back our home accessories that look good and keep fall away for just a while longer.


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