Fall Under Enchantment with Our Natural Stone Jewelry

July 21, 2015
natural stone jewelry

Embracing the natural beauty of raw material, Regina by Regina Andrew Jewelry uses semi-precious stones such as citrine, amethyst, and turquoise to create enticing designs.

This line of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings is unlike any accessory line we’ve introduced to our curated selection of jewelry. As a modern line with an earthy appeal, this natural stone jewelry strays from the traditional without losing the timeless value of quality design.

natural stone jewelry
Serene Stone Jewelry

Reflecting the natural tone of the hand selected material, this natural stone jewelry follows a serene theme. Subtle and earthy color choices make up the palatte, showing elegance in simplicity. While trendy, the style at its core is focused on effortless beauty just like the stones it features.

Texture is a main focus in the structure of this collection, which embraces the rough, unexpected nature of raw stone as added personality to the piece. For this reason, too, each piece varies slightly, offering each owner their own variation of the same design.

Symmetry in design and precise use of stones creates a cohesive piece that allows the beauty of the material to stand out in its own.

natural stone jewelry

This collection of natural stone jewelry exudes a state of dreaminess, where elegance and enchantment coincide.

As a brand new jewelry line, Trovati is one of the first retailers to introduce Regina by Regina Andrew Jewelry to the public. We were enamoured during our first look at the line and know you will be too.


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