Add a Mid-Century Modern Touch with Vintage Wind Up Toys

August 27, 2015

Your decor is about to become a whole lot more nostalgic with our decorative vintage wind up toys.

Meant for display but work just like you remember them, these drumming robots, racing motorcycles, and overland trains offer sentimental value behind classic design. Styled to replicate vintage toys to the exact detail, the metal design and wind-up features are sure to bring back fond memories.

vintage wind up toys
Mid-Century Modern Decor

The bright primary colors of these vintage wind up toys are reminiscent of midcentury design. Classic blue, red, and yellow hues coincide playfully in colorblock pattern while simple details provide an accurate reflection of design during this era.

Nostalgic Holiday Gifts

Around the holidays, we are reminded of the toys that made our eyes light up behind the glass windows of the toy store. Revisiting these toys after the years have past brings up cherished childhood memories.

These vintage replications are the perfect gift for a loved one who appreciates the quality and memories of toys in their early years. Vintage wind up toys make a fantastic gift for the child at heart who will recognize the distinct design of the toys from their childhood.

vintage wind up toys

Inspired by the iconic design of the 1930’s to 1950’s, Mid-Century Modern decor focuses on bold and geometric shapes. Adding these pieces to an established mid-century design adds a whim to the space while in a modern home it adds just the right amount of retro flair.

While perfect on display in a child’s room, these toys can add charm to any desk, bookshelf, or table in the adult world, too. Just like you, many are sure to recognize the distinct style of these toys.

Since they arrived in our store, we’ve had countless of patrons, both young and old, who are enamored by the retro charm of these toys. Created to be used as unique design pieces, these vintage wind up toys work both as sentimental reminders as well as distinct decor accessories.


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