The Perfect Home Accessories for Modern Rustic Decor

June 22, 2015

Trovati’s newest collection of home accessories puts a modern twist on a classic design.

Using leather as the base for design, this collection takes a timeless material and transforms it into unique and sophisticated pieces. These leather frames, rugs, pillows, and decorative accessories add elegance and intrigue to your interior design.

Modern Rustic Decor Modern Rustic Decor

Simplicity is at the heart of this modern rustic decor, allowing the material to speak volumes on its own. Hints of modern influence shine through while the classic element of the material remains. Clean lines and small details are used to highlight the natural beauty of the leather.

Richly Hued Home Accessories

This collection takes advantage of the warmth that leather brings, both in color and in texture. Deep, neutral hues are used frequently and natural wear of the material gives each piece unique character. The depth of the color offers a welcoming ambiance, making this modern rustic decor ideal for spaces such as a living room or den.

Texture is also highlighted as a unique part of this material. Hide on hair leather offers depth and distinct style that is unparallel to any other material on the market.

Modern Rustic Decor Modern Rustic Decor

Accessories with Traditional Rustic Design

With the design and material in mind, this collection enhances both traditional and rustic decor. Leather has been used as an essential material in both design styles throughout the years, and still remains as on trend as ever.

The range of pieces in this collection offers the possibility of either a small or large incorporation of this timeless material. An area rug will add an abundant amount of texture while a leather frame adds a subtle amount of a decadent material. Whether you are looking for a full, rich rustic look or just to add a hint of a classic element, this collection serves as an abundant source of beautiful design.

This modern rustic decor is exclusive to the Trovati Home product line.

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