Sleep in Luxury Each Night with Bamboo Pajamas

June 24, 2015

Bamboo sleepwear is giving its silk and cotton counterparts a run for their money.

We knew there was something magical about these bamboo pajamas the moment we had them our hands on them (and let’s face it, we had them on as soon as we got home, too). The material surpassed our expectations of what we’re used to in sleepwear.

Bamboo Lounge Pant

Softer than silk (yep, we said it) and more luxurious than cotton, this collection of bamboo pajamas will make sleep time a dream. In a collection of five (robes, pants, tshirts, tanks, and shorts), you’re covered for all weather and style preferences.

And if you’re not the pajama type, don’t be discouraged. This collection is meant as loungewear, too. Wear the bamboo lounge pants around the house on Sundays and relax in one of our bamboo bath robes during a spa day.

Bamboo Pajamas

Bamboo Material Sleepwear

Fabric made from bamboo is luxurious and breathable. Suited for any temperature, it keeps you warm when it’s cool and cool when it’s hot. It wicks away moisture better than cotton, keeping you comfortable all night long.

Plus, bamboo is a renewable and biodegradable resource, proving it’s more than just a pretty fabric.

Bamboo Pajamas

Simple, Elegant Sleepwear

The design of this bamboo sleepwear is as beautiful as the material it’s made from. Simple, clean lines in four elegant colors make this collection fitting for anyone who appreciates good-quality sleepwear. Each is detailed with silk trim or ribbon for a beautifully finished piece.

It’s not difficult to see why Faceplant Dreams chose this fabric for their newest line of sleepwear. As a brand that focuses on quality fabric, they raised the bar with this collection. The material is durable, yet breathable, and the comfort doesn’t sacrifice style. These bamboo pajamas are a necessity for anyone who enjoys a luxurious night of sleep, every night!

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