Bring Your Walls to Life with Unique Wall Art Decorations

June 12, 2015

Take wall art decorations to the next level. Think three dimensional and individual design in a variety of colors and textures. Think our newest collection of unique wall decoration!

Wall Art Decorations

These sets of wall art decorations offer limitless possibilities for design. The pattern, color choice, and placement is all your call. Stick to a monochromatic theme or blend styles for a bold look.

Don’t limit yourself to just the wall, either. These decor pieces can be applied to any surface to make any piece your own. Upgrade old furniture or create an enviable outdoor space!

Applied with a 1” screw, these pieces are as easy to apply as a wall hanging. Group them together in a small space or trail along an entire wall- either way, there are no limits to what you can do.

Wall Art Decorations
Spore Wall Accents with Added Greenry

The textures and colors of these pieces focus on a clean, contemporary style. Color and shape is built upon a neutral base, which fits well in any style of home, while inspiration from geometrics and nature offer individuality between each collection. With 36 styles to choose from, your walls are sure to get a personal touch.

Wall Art Decorations

While small in size, this collection of unique wall decoration makes a large impact. Wall art, paintings, and decals are the norm: break from it! Or, even better, build from your own collection of such to create something new. Pairing flat decals with three-dimensional pieces makes for a dynamic display and framing current artwork gives the pieces you have at home new life.

Wall Art Decorations

These wall art decorations are unlike any wall decor in the market. Their contemporary style and bold impact make a statement. Pick your style and get started on your custom designed wall space today!

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