Embroidered Baseball Caps Offer a Refreshing Style

May 13, 2015
Harding Lane

Get prepared for the summer with the characteristic style of our embroidered baseball caps.

These hats have the classic, worn-in feel reminiscent of your favorite piece of clothing. This not only adds appeal style-wise, but also aids to the fit of the hat. The strategically worn material allows for a deeper fit as well as a more relaxed feel.

Harding Lane

Needlepoint Hat Design

The needlepoint design separates this collection from the standard baseball caps we’re accustomed to seeing. Created with a determination to create caps that differ from the sports logo norm, these designs represent a range of interests and hobbies.

With an easy-going, east-coast vibe, these embroidered baseball caps primarily reflect a nautical appeal. Fans of the outdoors will find designs to reflect their passions: fishing, hiking, skiing, and boating to start.

Their range doesn't stop there, however. Patriotic, sporting, and animal themes round out the repertoire, creating a collection fit for everyone. There’s even a bright orange hat donning a skull and crossbones- perfect for those who are looking for an extra dose of personality.

Harding Lane

These embroidered baseball caps offer the shade you need in a style that matches your interests. Those who are looking for a more personal approach to their outdoor gear will be pleased to find a baseball cap that fits with their lifestyle.

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