Upgrade Your Table Setting with Engraved Glassware

May 11, 2015

Add the finishing touch to your contemporary dinnerware set with our collection of engraved glassware.

When it comes to drinkware, there seems to be no shortage of simplicity and, shall we say it, drabness? This is not the case for this collection. While remaining refined and elegant, the etched designs of this engraved glassware add a refreshing amount of whim to the table.

Rolf Glass

Drinkware plays a large part in the dining experience and it deserves a style of its own.

This collection works with your dinnerware to create a well-rounded and dynamic table setting. The etched design adds just enough pattern to create additional intrigue without overpowering the rest of the setting. It’s the perfect hint of fun that every tablescape needs.

Rolf Glass

Themes of the Etched Patterns

This collection of engraved glassware is categorized into styles that reflect a wide range of dining.

The coastal collection fits perfectly for any nautical inspired dish or in a seaside home. The botanical styles add a natural element while contemporary designs give a touch of chic. Whether elegant or playful, there is a style to harmonize with your dinnerware collection.

Great for everyday use as well as finer dining, the etched pattern looks clean and artful. Rather than working more color into your dinnerware collection, this drinkware uses the natural beauty of glass to add subtle pattern.

Our favorite? The best-selling School of Fish collection. Beautifully etched fish swim together, save for the one little guy going against the current. A little contrarian, just like ourselves!

Rolf Glass

We work hard to create a beautiful meal and want our dinnerware collection to reflect such. This glassware is the perfect balance between elegance and fun, and are the perfect replacement for everyday glassware. Let your personality show during cocktails, brunch, and dinner parties. Cheers!

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