Introducing: Trovati's Newest Collection of Scented Soy Candles!

May 7, 2015

We are extremely excited to showcase our newest venture: Trovati candles!

After months of picking through dozen of scents, we’ve created four unique fragrances that are sure to fill your home with luxury. Sweet tobacco, lavender, spicy ginger, and herbs make up the repertoire of Trovati’s first candle collection: Pipe Dreams, Zen Garden, Tuscan Groves, and Villa de Cimbrone.

Scented Soy Candles

The Trovati scented soy candles are inspired and fragrant, each invoking a different emotion. We aimed to create a well-rounded collection by including scents across the spectra.

Each candle is a blend of harmonizing scents. Just as opposites attract, the same can be said with our fragrance pairing. Each of the scented soy candles are dynamic and unanticipated.

Pipe Dreams: Sweet Tobacco, Vanilla, and Cherry

Tobacco Scented Candle

The rich scent of tobacco shows a sweet side with hints of cherry and vanilla. Both the strong and honeyed notes stand out, intermixing in perfect harmony.

Zen Garden: Spicy Ginger and Green Tea

Ginger Scented Candle

A vibrant mix of green tea and ginger. The soothing, honeyed scent of green tea is energized with a zing of ginger. A surprising fragrance that is sure to energize your space.

Tuscan Groves: Herbs and Fruit

Herbal Scented Candle

The deep scent of herbs intermixes with the sweet scent of fruit for a rich, clean scent. A harmonizing pair of feminine and masculine scents.

Gardens of Villa Cimbrone

Lavender Scented Candle

A unique blend of soothing lavender, energizing lemon, and sweet apple. Reminiscent of the historic Italian gardens, this fragrance is lush and romantic.

In order to put the Trovati name on something, we need to be wholeheartedly passionate about the product. Our first line of scented soy candles are unexpected and luxurious, reflecting the essence of Trovati. When choosing our fragrances, we aimed for transportive, unique selections that would fill your home with blissful energy.

Discover our exclusive collection of candles and create an enchanted ambiance for your home.

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