2019 Design Trends – Part 2

2019 Design Trends – Part 2

March 27, 2019

Here are more of the popular 2019 design trends that interior designers and home owners are incorporating for you to consider when decorating this year.  Note: If you missed our first list, you can find it at https://trovatistudio.com/blogs/blog/2019-design-trends-part-1 - 2019 Design Trends – Part 1. 

    1. Brass Accents – Lamps and pendants of brass and copper finishes are being highlighted in the decors of 2019 and are bringing in an element of desired warmth. Consider the Noma Lamp or a set of these bold Julian Table Lamps in your living or family room to add warmth and natural appeal.Julian Table Lamps S/2 | FlowDecor | Trovati Studio
    2. Handmade Authenticity – Unique, hand crafted, custom pieces like the Rizzo Wall Sculpture are earning their place in the today’s home versus the widely available mass-produced pieces, reflecting our desire to incorporate the feeling and levity that custom artwork and décor gives to a space.  Engage people in by incorporating pieces of functional art such as these beautiful African Hampers which have a story that people find interesting and want to learn about.
    3. Metal Sculptures – Metal adds a unique twist to today’s décor. The popularity of the use of metal in 2019 reflects the desire to incorporate more functional art into our environments.   One way to add this element is through beautiful centerpiece sculptures like the Bombay Bowls or this Chain Link Table Lamp.African Handmade Hampers | Swahili Modern | Trovati Studio
    4. Natural elements – In keeping with the trend of adding texture, designers are incorporating natural materials such as concrete, copper, granite, marble, and natural stone. Stone and Wood Wall Discs or Pond Wall Discs will easily enable you to incorporate these elements and create a beautiful focal point.  Additionally, lamps are a great way to incorporate organic elements leveraging materials such as concrete (Cone Mini Lamp) or marble (Charlotte Table Lamp) in modern, contemporary, and even vintage styles to give your décor a refined, yet calming, and down to earth feel.
    5. Richer colors – There is a gentle shift moving away from the crisp white and soft textures to more high-contrast patterns and mixing of materials. One way to incorporate this trend but not radically change your décor is to add well placed pops of color to bring life to spaces that may be decorated with more muted colors and furnishings.  Look for bright greens, bold yellows, vivid pinks and corals, and intense reds.  For example, consider the following:
      • Yellow – once thought as too dramatic and intense, Yellow is being welcomed in decors of the new year for its boldness and feeling of joy. It is a color that projects happiness, confidence, and cheer.  You can incorporate it with a whimsical accent, like with this African fish sculpture, or in a larger component such as with this Miles Davis first run collectors vintage poster. 
      • Tonal Reds - The past few years there has been gravitation towards cooler colors such as blues and greens, but more warmer tones are being used this year.  Tonal reds are a great way to add complimenting contrast while providing the warmth that makes your home more inviting.  For a pop of color, Accent Pillows can be just right, or if you are looking to make a larger statement, a beautiful floor cloth such as this Garden Gate red floral patterned one may be just the item you need.

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