Miles Davis Authentic Vintage Poster

Vintage Poster - Miles Davis Authentic Vintage Poster by Anonymous

Qualifies for free shipping! This bold Miles Davis Poster was printed in 1983 for a Miles Davis show in France. It’s a classic example of modern music posters as it advertises in the simplest way possible—by letting the name speak for itself. Miles Davis, a Jazz legend, needed little introduction or help getting people to attend his shows, therefore an eye-catching color along with dates and an address was all the campaign needed. It’s a contemporary, clean, and nostalgic poster and a must-have for any modern jazz lover.

This piece is an authentic vintage poster from an original run. Acrylic UV Plexiglass is recommended for framing in order to preserve the artwork. Includes certificate of authenticity.


Dimensions: 30"W x 47"H.
On linen.
Poster artist: Anonymous.
Photo offset and color lithograph printing.
Country of origin: France.
Date printed: 1983.

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This product is Earth Friendly.

Vintage home decor is coveted for its unique character but should also be highly praised as recycled home decor. Requiring no additional manufacturing, vintage decor has a low environmental-impact and encourages reuse instead of waste. Not only will this vintage poster make a bold statement in your home, it also promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Miles Davis Authentic Vintage Poster by Anonymous

$ 354.00 $ 425.00

Miles Davis Authentic Vintage Poster by Anonymous

$ 354.00 $ 425.00

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