2019 Design Trends – Part 1

2019 Design Trends – Part 1

February 24, 2019

With the new year well underway, it’s time to take a look at the design trends that are popular this year, and consider incorporating one or more of these themes into your decorating.  Following is the first of a two-part series from Trovati Studio, look for our next set of popular design trends for 2019 next month.

  • Artisanal Lighting – Natural elements can personalize your home and reflect your unique style, shifting focus from our ever-increasing tech world back to one of nature and craft. The Wickham Pendant is a great example of an artisanal pendant made from versatile bamboo and rattan with a wonderful natural rattan color or the Padma Sconce is another beautiful, versatile, articulating wall light made of wicker with an antique brass finish that can be used as a reading lamp, picture light, or bedside lighting.
  • Floral patterns – While decorating with florals has long been with us, perspectives regarding florals are changing, placing them front and center with bold colors and new usage. This can be seen in new wall coverings or in creative new floor coverings like the Pimpernel in a beautiful blue or the Arranger of Disorder, a lovely green with while, yellow, and orange flowers.   In addition to presenting beautiful floral patterns, these vinyl floor cloths are unique rug alternatives, easy to care for, and provide functional, lasting floor coverings.  
  • Geometric patterns – Incorporating geometric patterns isn’t a new trend, but using bold colors and oversized patterns is a trend for 2019. An easy and stylish way to incorporate a geometric pattern into your décor is through a beautiful throw like this black and white African print blanket or a beautiful table runner like this ripple patterned runner made of soft twigs and cotton.
  • Luxurious textures – Texture is back with velvet leading the way. What was previously seen as old fashioned, velvet is gaining allure and interest, particularly as an accent fabric.  Check out these high-quality, beautiful pillows by Trovati Studio, the Rhinebeck and the Velvet Swing which is available in a variety of colors.
  • Matte finishes – contrast with high-shine finishes, matte finishes have become more refined and fashionable due to technology advances. These finishes give décor and furniture a more relaxed yet modern, futuristic appeal.  The Adana Table Lamp is a chic example of an elegant lamp with its  gunmetal matte finish and use of white marble making it ultra-cool.    Or consider these sleek Origami Wall Pockets that can be used as wall art or planters indoors or outside, they are sure to attract attention and create discussion.
  • Stylish headboards – textures and fabrics are lending a stylish look to the bedrooms of 2019, creating a relaxed, yet sophisticated sanctuary for restful nights. A basketweave headboard or a twist weave headboard, made of beautiful Abaca wood, will provide a wonderful texture focal point in the bedroom that will highlight and complement any style of linens. 
  • White and Black – The visual contrast of these two are timeless and provide a sense of balance and boldness. You can use this as an accent such as an African hand-made basket or be more bold in your usage with this checkered floor cloth, that will add a vintage look to any room.

Check out our new products at Trovati Studio.com for your home and outdoor space.  We have a wide variety of items fitting for the 2019 design trends as well as your other home decorating needs and gifts.

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