Tips for the Perfect Thanksgiving Tabletop Centerpieces

Tips for the Perfect Thanksgiving Tabletop Centerpieces

As you develop your Thanksgiving dinner menu and send out your invitations, there is one constant thought on your mind. How will you decorate your Thanksgiving tabletop for this wonderful occasion? Instead of waiting until the last moment to put together a smashing centerpiece, begin your planning today with Trovati Studio at the helm.

Bring the Outdoors In

The first find for your tabletop should be a main focal piece. This will evoke the theme of the Thanksgiving dinner. The cheapest and easiest way to adorn a Thanksgiving centerpiece is with finds from nature. Unfortunately, we all aren’t living near pine trees and holly berry bushes. Skip the insects and allergies and go with nature-inspired elements for your tabletop.

The Arteriors Kazu Natural Root Small Sculpture is an actual tree root stylized by nature. Create the ultimate tablescape by evoking nature in the walls around your Thanksgiving table. The Gold Leaf Design Green Wall with Pixelated Succulents featuring living succulents in a vertical work of art.

Focus on the Details

Once you have settled on the main piece of decor, start bringing in accessories. These details that will keep your guests entertained in between bites of smoked turkey or vegan roast. Start with the right serve ware, such as the Regina Andrew Design Bone Tray with Bamboo Handles or the Ivory Grey Shagreen Hex Tray to hold condiments or small dishes.

Upgrade your basic silverware for the Swahili African Modern salad servers. The Kenyan Antelope Antler Salad ServersWild Olive Wood and Bone Salad Server Hands, or Lion Paw Salad Server Set each brings their own story to the dinner table. These servers add character to any Thanksgiving tabletop centerpiece.

Take It From the Top

While most hostesses focus on the actual tabletop for the centerpiece, why not elevate the space? Choose a variety of sizes of the Hanging Orb Planter by Gold Leaf Design Group. This allows you to combine the natural theme with a more modern approach to Thanksgiving decor.

Splash Up the Space

A final tip that will take your tablescape to Thanksgiving Day level, go for the gold, silver, bronze, or some other metallic hue. The shine of a Gold Leaf Design Group piece, whether it is the Galileo Diamond Model or the Crystal 11” H Pedestal, adds luster to any centerpiece. The glitter and sparkle of a metal piece will glisten up the space to match the festive food of any Thanksgiving dinner.

Look for Trovati Studio to guide your holiday-inspired decor with unique designer home goods.

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