Picnic Totes to Suit Any Outdoor Adventure

April 21, 2015

With summer just around the corner, we’re already planning how to get the most out of the sunshine. For us, picnics are at the top of the list. Perfect for dates, social events, and family outings, picnics are a great way to enjoy good eats in the beauty of nature.

Our vibrant collection of picnic totes make picnicking simple and stylish. With picnic backpacks, wine picnic totes, and picnic coolers, the collection ranges in both style and shape, with a perfect fit for every event.

Picnic at Ascot

Style of Picnic Totes

For wherever your outdoor endeavors may take you, our collection of picnic totes has exactly what you need.

For far walks, picnic backpacks allow for hands-free carry and a comfortable distribution of weight. Large social gatherings and sports events can be easily catered with extra-large insulated coolers. Wine lovers can keep their whites chilled with small totes, and foodies can dine outdoors with serveware sets that pack compactly into the tote.

With features such as wheels, insulation, arm straps, and blankets, you can choose the perfect compilation that suits your picnicking needs.

Picnic at Ascot

“Pick Your Pattern” Picnic Totes

Aside from the variation in shape, what truly sets this collection of picnic totes apart is the stylish patterns to choose from. From bold to classic and whimsical to serene, your selection from a dozen different patterns is sure to fit your style. Houndstooth, geometric, and floral patterns make sure that your picnic is anything but boring.

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