Decorative Lighters: A Distinct Home Accessory

April 24, 2015
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Our decorative lighters are giving their plastic counterparts a run for their money.

As a home necessity that you use nearly every day, it’s about time that lighters got an upgrade. Rather than throwing it in a drawer only to be searched for later, our decorative lighters are meant for display. The elegant designs look luxe atop a mantle or tabletop and are equal parts decorative and functional.

These lighters are a distinct and elegant way to keep a fundamental tool near by. It will delight guests and make lighting a fireplace or chimney feel like a grand gesture each and every day.

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Style of Decorative Lighters

These decorative lighters show that home necessities don’t have to be ordinary. Styles influenced by rustic, elegant, and modern design make up the repertoire of 18 different lighters. Metal, wood, and leather bodies are accented with details such as crystals and embroidery. The unique colors and shapes of each collection will enhance the mood of your decor.

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Giftable Lighters

Paired with a beautiful candle or a personal fireplace, these lighters are the perfect final touch to a heartfelt gift. Both practical and beautiful, a decorative lighter is a delightfully unexpected gift that will be used countless of times.

Additionally, these lighters are the perfect wedding necessity for those who need such during their ceremony. Elegant lighters will make your day even more special as you light a candle in commencement of the start of your life together.

You light a candle or fireplace nearly everyday, why not do so with elegance? Our decorative lighters are a unique and luxurious replacement for the ordinary. You’ll be delighted each time you reach for it.

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