Cherished Danish Toys for Every Imagination

April 17, 2015
Maileg Toys

Our Danish toys will quickly become a cherished item in your child’s collection. Based off of illustrations by the designer, each character is reminiscent of a storybook come to life. Playful and magical, these stuffed mice, bunnies, and giraffes each have their own collection of clothing and accessories, providing the means for endless interaction. Allow this collection to grow with your child as they explore worlds of imagination.

Maileg Toys

These Danish toys have a serene, yet whimsical tone that stands out as unique amongst the rest. Made with exceptional quality and design, Maileg toys were created as a piece to be heirloomed for generations to come. As your child builds their collection, they are developing a set that they will hold dear long after they’ve grown.

You, too, will find yourself admiring the playful nature of each piece and will enjoy as your child creates endless stories with them.

Maileg Toys

A modern take on a classic design, Maileg toys are timeless. When not in play, these toys make beautiful displays in nurseries and children’s rooms. Wherever your child’s imagination takes them, whether out to the deep seas or up to the highest tower, there is a collection of items to fuel their inventiveness.



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