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April 8, 2015

Mothers’ Day is on the horizon and we all want to honor the beautiful women in our lives with something as special as they are. Choosing from the wide selection of mothers day gift ideas can be daunting, however, especially when you’re not sure what you’re looking for. This year, we’ve simplified things by making a short and sweet list of our top picks. Personal and beautiful, our top three great gifts for mothers day are a click away.

Gift Option 1: Heart Collection Jewelry

Mothers Day Gifts

When we think of great gifts for mothers day, jewelry is often the first that comes to mind. There’s a good reasoning behind that. Jewelry is a personal gift that the wearer cherishes each time they put in on. Often times, jewelry has a sentiment behind it that is more precious than the piece itself.

Our jewelry pick is simple and heartfelt. The dainty charms are classic and can be worn for both casual and formal affairs; the hearts are an effortless way to express your love.

Earrings: $100, Necklace: $110.

Gift Option 2: Ayres Gift Collection

Mothers Day Gifts

The gift of relaxation is one that should never be overlooked. Our collection of Ayres beauty products are practical as well as pampering. Inspired by the beautiful land of Argentina, the scents are fresh and sophisticated. Lotion, shower cream, and body polish made with essential oils are a great gifts for mothers day that offer indulgence for months to come.

Ayres Gift Collection: $100.

Gift Option 3: Sleep Set Gift Collection

Mothers Day Gifts

Our Sleep Set Gift Collection, too, is an ideal gift for any mother who needs some relaxation. With a silky soft sleep shirt, memory foam slippers, and a matching pillowcase, this set tops the list of relaxing mothers day gift ideas.

Sleep Set Gift Collection: $123.

Finding a sentimental gift doesn't need to be difficult! To browse additional gift options, visit Trovati Studio.


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