The History of Ancient Civilizations in Handmade Artisan Jewelry

April 2, 2015

Influenced by old world elegance, our collection of handmade artisan jewelry emulates the fascinating pieces of jewelry displayed in museums. Using Greek and Roman mythology, as well as the beauty of nature, for inspiration, each piece tells a compelling story in graceful fashion.

Greek Mythology Jewelry
Shield of Medusa Necklace

Hand carved and cast in bronze, the resemblance of this collection to that of its inspiration is remarkable. While delicate, the pieces are intricate and detailed. In fact, the aesthetic follows so closely to the coveted designs that it would be easy to mistake it for a genuine artifact. The grandeur of the inspired style makes just as powerful of an impact today as it did when it was created.

Greek Mythology Jewelry
Baby Sea Urchin Earrings

The Design of Artisan Jewelry

The handmade aspect of this jewelry gives it an antique feel and lends to its authenticity. To create the centerpiece of the jewelry, the artist uses old coins and impressions to form genuine designs, breathing new life into historic pieces. The incorporation of historical character into modern design makes this collection a perfect blend of two worlds.

This handmade artisan jewelry focuses on simplicity, allowing the character of the design to speak for the piece. Delicate chains lead to the centerpiece of the jewelry, which offers a striking balance of grace and power.

Greek Mythology Jewelry
Artemis Ring

By recreating historical artifacts into modern design, the artist forms a unique story into each piece. These civilizations, which have been admired since their height of existence, left behind a legacy of power, luxury, and mysticism. Translating such into this handmade artisan jewelry results in a piece that is as timeless as its predecessors.

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