Get Innovative with Vintage Time Clocks

March 30, 2015

Inspired by ground-breaking intellects who lead the way in innovation, our vintage time clocks are designed with industrial creativity in mind. Just like the inventors who dared to defy the norm, these clocks push the envelope of the digital era.

On a desk, side table, or mantle, these clocks stand out as a distinct piece of decor that tell a unique story; you can see the spirit of innovation in the style and composition of each piece. Each clock is influenced by a specific era or invention; whether a chronometer, a telegraph, or a regulator, each comes with a distinct and inspired background. The collection is tied together by imaginative character, but each clock is unmistakable from the others.

Vintage Time Clocks
Engineer's Table Clock

The Vintage Style of Clocks

These vintage time clocks transport you to a time of advancement and express the excitement of invention. Metal embellishments such as gears, wheels, and stands add additional appeal to the industrial-style body. They stand out as more than just a clock, and upon first glance, many look more than such. Careful detail and characteristic design make these clocks an invention of their own.

Vintage Time Clocks
Gizmo Table Clock
Vintage Time Clocks
Telegraph Table Clock

These vintage time clocks take the mechanics of today’s technology with the spirit of past ingenuity to create quality timepieces. They are ideal for those who have a special connection to the originative nature of invention or enjoy the quality and style of vintage technology.

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