Create a Sophisticated Ambiance with Portable Fireplaces

March 23, 2015
Anywhere Fireplace
Lexington Fireplace

There’s nothing quite like the ambiance of a fireplace and the comfort it brings to a room. While usually reserved for homes with the capacity to hold such, our freestanding fireplaces make it possible for any space to enjoy its luxury. Requiring no construction, chimney, or gas lines, these modern indoor fireplaces can be placed in any room for a relaxing atmosphere.

Place on the patio for those cooler summer nights and on the dining table for an enchanting dinner. Whether in the living room, bedroom, study, or pool area, these portable fireplaces are sure to captivate attention and create warmth.

Anywhere Fireplace
Soho Fireplace
Anywhere Fireplace
Broadway Fireplace

Style of Contemporary Fireplaces

Each of our portable fireplaces follow a sleek, contemporary design that is sure to enhance any decor. Clean lines and unique shapes make for compelling decorative accents that compliment a room both when in use and when not. A monochromatic color scheme and glass accents keep things simple, allowing for the silhouette to speak for the piece.

When in use, the orange flames dance off of the glass to create an enthralling presentation. Plus, a quart a fuel burns up to five hours, withstanding a full evening of entertainment.

In addition to its welcoming ambiance, our portable fireplaces are non-polluting. Smokeless and odorless, they release only water vapor and CO2. They don’t produce soot or ash, which makes for an easy clean-up.

Anywhere Fireplace
Gramercy Fireplace

These fireplaces add sophistication at an affordable price. A perfect gift for a wedding, housewarming, or just because, the elegance of a fireplace is something that all can cherish. Our indoor fireplaces are the perfect solution for adding a comforting setting to a space that otherwise could not enjoy such.

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