Fall Renewal: 7 Great Decor Ideas to Try this Season

Fall Renewal: 7 Great Decor Ideas to Try this Season

September 28, 2018

A new season inspires change. Fall, in particular, brings in a season of comfort and festivity. The chill in the air and the falling of leaves reminds us that all things need time for rest and renewal.

As we spend more time indoors with the ones we love, we are inspired to change our decor to reflect the season. Let us take a cue from nature and make our home a haven for warmth and gathering. With a few minor changes, we can take our home from a summery fun to a cozy fall.

With fall, there is so much to take inspiration from. Deep hues, thick knits, and seasonal accessories reflect the beauty of autumn. No matter the style of your home, there are many ways to let fall inspire your decor.

Seven Great Decor Ideas to Try for Fall

1. Add a table lamp
arteriors murdock lamp

Arteriors Murdock Lamp

As the days get shorter, we require more light in the home. A decorative table lamp in the living room will offer a soft glow more relaxing than overhead lighting. Find a table lamp that blends seamlessly with your decor for functional accessorizing.

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2. Swap your metals

Deeper metals like gold and bronze are perfect for the autumnal season. Side tables, hardware, and decorative accessories are easily swapped for the season. Don’t want to remove anything? Add in darker metals for a mixed metal look.

3. Add a throw blanket (or two)

Cozying up is one of the more appealing parts of fall. Have a favorite throw blanket ready on the couch for movie night. Bonus points for choosing a throw that is both decorative and comfortable!

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4. Candles, candles, and more candles
roost primitivo hurricanes

Roost Primitivo Hurricanes

Add a warm light to your evening setting with candles. Opt for the more chic option with decorative hurricanes and lanterns. These accessories will heighten your setting and provide functionality.

5. Change out your pillows

Switch your bright summer pillows for something more reflective of the season. Reds, oranges, and browns are the first colors that come to mind, but hues like royal purple and navy blue are just as fitting for fall.

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6. Add a fireplace
manhattan fireplace

Anywhere Fireplace Manhattan Fireplace

Don’t have room for a traditional fireplace? Enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace in any room with Anywhere Fireplace. Available in tabletop, floor, and wall-mounted models, you can have the luxury of a fireplace in any space.

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7. Update your florals

Fill your vases with fall-inspired florals. Try Chrysanthemums, dahlias, sunflowers, and roses decorated with oak leaves, dried greenery, and ornamental cabbage.

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