Twoolies: A Modern Representation of Traditional Mayan Weaving

Twoolies: A Modern Representation of Traditional Mayan Weaving

February 15, 2017

Upon first look, the Twoolies Collection by Eleven Design Studio radiates a spirited personality. The bright colors and loveable characters have an instant charm that no age is immune to. However, this whimsical nature only tells part of the story. The Twoolies Collection is rooted in an age-old art form that is still flourishing today.

In the highlands of South Mexico, Mayan weavers hand make the twoolies on a manual loom. These decorative pieces are designed by architect Sindy Posso and combine modern concept with native design. Every piece has unique combination of colors and patterns that make every Twoolie unique.

The Tradition of Mayan Weaving

This traditional Mayan art form dates back about 2,000 years. Textile weaving was a skill for women of high rank and their decorated dress was a sign of wealth. Although considered noble practice, all Mayan women learned to weave and the grade of cotton signified their rank.

The art of weaving is passed down from generation to generation and holds both social and spiritual significance. According to ancient Mayan myth, the goddess Ix Chel taught the first woman how to weave and each woman has learned down from her.

Not only econonmically beneficial, the craft of weaving gives Mayan women a bond to their ancestry and culture. Their work commonly features traditional imagery such as glyphs, geometric shapes, and botany.

For weaving, women use a traditional backstrap loom which attaches to the waist. Although threads and designs have adapted throughout the years, the backstrap loom has changed little and is still used for weaving today.

Watch a skilled weaver use a backstrap loom here.


Decorating with Twoolies

While the Twoolies’ bright hues are ultra-fitting for a child’s room, the collection is designed to be styled in every room of the home. It is the designer’s hope that the playful nature of the Twoolies Collection will inspire imagination.

Posso has worked alongside the Mayan artists to develop a modern representation of this traditional craft. The Twoolies collection introduces this artform into the contemporary home with a unique perspective.


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