Modern Industrial Decor Made in Detroit

February 3, 2015

For those who are infatuated by the rugged charm of modern industrial decor, our newest Detroit-based company has your ultimate fix. The furniture, lighting, and decorative accents that make up the Regina Andrew collection exude a dark romance, sure to add a note of sultry confidence to your decor.

modern industrial decor
Modern Meets Victorian

The deep hues, exposed metals, and victorian influence in this design offers an unexpected air of distressed luxury. As a hybrid of Parisian decadence and unrefined style, this modern industrial decor creates a new balance between the extravagant and the unassuming. No longer just for the DIYers, the salvaged material adds an effortless appeal to high-profile design.

In this collection, natural wood, concrete, and unfinished metals juxtapose crystal accents and polished metals. These differentiating styles stand next to one another in an appealing opposition that creates a unique setting. Taking cues from the collection, one can find inspiration to add a hint of industrial flair to a classic setting for an unexpected look.

modern industrial decor
Made in Detroit

Whether intentional or not, we can see influence of the motor city in this design style. There is a strong pride in the roots of the city and Detroit takes appreciation in its unique makeup. While also slightly rugged on the surface, this modern industrial decor highlights the appeal that its natural material provides.

modern industrial decor

Whether you’re looking to design a room in industrial decor or just looking to add a hint of industrial appeal, the Regina Andrew collection offers an array of opportunities to incorporate this highly coveted style. Furniture, lighting, and decorative accessories in a fusion of industrial and contemporary style will give your decor a unique feel. Their collection doesn’t follow the rules; instead, it has paved a new style path all it’s own.


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