Our Top Picks: Accessories for Bar Cart Decor

March 5, 2015

Once reserved for, well, a bar, it seems as though the bar cart decor trend is popping up everywhere. And we can see why: it’s a bar, on wheels! There’s something that feels very decadent when your best liquor is put on display.

bar cart decor


Bar cart decor isn’t as easy as just stacking a bar’s worth of liquor bottles, however. Similar to dressing a bookshelf, decorating a bar cart requires balance: a bit of accessory to break up the booze. Plus, if you’re not a big drinker, this trend still welcomes you fondly. Bar carts make for unique side tables for glassware, decorative accessories, and plants.

There’s a seemingly limitless amount of inspiration when it comes to bar cart decor. While a day’s worth of Pinterest content is always helpful, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start! We’ve found some of our favorite ways to build a unique display and have mapped them out for you. Just add your drink of choice!


Perfect for the bottle that just doesn’t quite fit the aesthetic, decanters are an elegant way to display spirits.

Our Picks

bar cart decor

From left to right: Smooth Line Decanter, Quogue Decanter, Edgar Decanter, Noe Decanters.

Table Lamps

You've set your stage, now make sure the lighting is just right!

Our Picks

bar cart decor

From left to right: Arabesque Mini Lamp, Aramis Lamp, Southhampton Table Lamp, Alabaster Orb Lamp.

Small Clocks

How else are you supposed to know when happy hour starts? Small clocks add functional flair to your setting.

Our Picks

bar cart decor

From left to right: Tyler Table Clock, Orbit Table Clock, Ophelia Table Clock, Mouse Table Clock.

Quirky Decorative Accessories

Make your setting stand out with accessories that make a statement.

Our Picks

bar cart decor

From left to right: Bernard Horns Set, Resin Snail, Decorative Grape Cluster, Garrick Sculpture, Geordi Cherry Sculpture.


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