Discover Ancient Roman Elegance with Italian Fine Jewelry

July 13, 2015

The artistry of Sancesario Bijoux’s Italian fine jewelry is evident upon first look, but its beauty grows more and more mesmerizing upon each wear. Taking inspiration from ancient Roman traditions, this jewelry takes old world elegance and updates it to a modern design.

Italian Fine Jewelry

The delicate craftsmanship and timeless design are found in the small details; the handcrafted metal, old world inspiration, and meticulous choice of crystals come together to create a dynamic piece of art. Close attention to every aspect of design makes this jewelry interesting in its intricacy.

The influence of ancient Roman traditions and artisanship is evident in many aspects of this Italian fine jewelry. Elaborate shapes give a nod to baroque architecture and generous amounts of crystals hints at old world glamour. Each piece can be as easily pictured on historic royalty as it can be on red carpet royalty.

Italian Fine Jewelry

Traditional Italian Jewelry

This Italian fine jewelry fairs the timeless elegance of classic design. Intricate detailing and classic shapes take form in this collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches.

Rather than using molds, Sancesario Bijoux forms every piece of their jewelry by hand. This gives the artist the opportunity to create each piece in unique form. This also means that the artist only produces a few of each piece before beginning on another. The singular creation is time consuming, but rewarding, allowing the artist free reign on creativity.

Swarovski crystals and glass cabochons are hand picked for excellence in color and quality. Their selection of color is vibrant, but elegant.

Italian Fine Jewelry

Styling Italian Fine Jewelry

Although elaborate, this jewelry can be worn in many ways for a variety of occasions. Pair the shimmering crystals with a classic jeans and tee or add the shimmering finish to a wedding ensemble. While extravagant, this collection of artistry is meant to be seen.

Italian Fine Jewelry

Aside from the artist in Rome, Trovati is the only retailer in the world to have the opportunity to sell this magnificent jewelry.


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