Wine Barrel Trays: A Harmony of Beauty and Functionality

July 3, 2015
Wine Barrel Trays

Made from reclaimed oak wine barrels and wrought iron hand-forged hardware, Provence Platters are a unique and spectacular serving necessity. Perfect for wine and food lovers alike, this readaptation of a complex material makes for a naturally stunning piece.

Wine is aged in casks for up to four years as the wood takes in the oak’s distinctive flavor. Artisans have taken this reclaimed material and recreated it into a durable and elegant tray.

While the wine barrel trays have taken a shape of their own, the wood’s former life is highlighted in unique design aspects. Each is branded with the authentic name of which it came from and the bottom is dyed a deep mauve from the wine it once held.

Wine Barrel Trays

Provence Platters are what every host or hostess dreams of: a durable serving piece that makes a beautiful display for the table.

Sturdy and spacious, these wine barrel trays are great for moving meals from kitchen to table and hold enough food to serve a full house. Use it to make a beautiful cheese spread, present the main course, or bring out the birthday cake- any display will be enhanced by the natural elegance of the wood.

The surfaces are food-safe: finished with copious layers of high grade beeswax to a quiet luster perfectly in step with the simple authenticity of an afternoon cheese picnic or tapas platter.

Wine Barrel Trays

Both decorative and functional, these wine barrel trays are an exceptional piece of craftsmanship. We’re putting it at the top of the gift list for all our vinos, foodies, and hostesses… and putting it on our wish list, too.

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