Style Your Own Contemporary Dinnerware Set

March 9, 2015
B by Brandie

Our collection of colorful, contemporary dinnerware gives you the reins to design your own personalized dinnerware set. The assortment of bold patterns and colors were designed with mixing and matching in mind, each coordinating with the next for endless possibilities.

Inspired by socialites both past and present, this contemporary dinnerware looks nothing short of extravagant. The patterns are chic and tasteful, adding just the right amount of color to the table. Just like the colorful dinner parties thrown by the social scene’s most notorious, this collection of dinnerware is meant to get people talking.

B by Brandie B by Brandie

Styling Contemporary Dinnerware

Contemporary style encourages mismatched patterns in similar tones. Alternate your place setting styles for an intricate tablescape and add in hints of color as the seasons change. Because each style incorporates so well with the next, adding new styles is simple. Season after season, and year after year, you’ll always be finding new ways to style your set.

Whether you’re hosting an event or having a quiet dinner with friends, this collection is made for entertaining. Both the bone china and porcelain (dishwasher and microwave safe) options have a range of styles and colors to choose from. No matter if you go monochromatic, black and white, or color crazy, your contemporary dinnerware set will always be in style.

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