The Best Body Butter for Under $30

March 13, 2015
Ayres Beauty

We’ve discovered the best body butter and it hails from the colorful city of Buenos Aires.

After a long, try and tested mission to find a subtle, elegant scented lotion, we stumbled upon Ayres Beauty. After that, our search was over. Not only did their luxurious body lotion meet all of our fragrance requirements, but it also moisturizes like a dream.

Taking cues from the beautiful land of Argentina and those who inhabit it, Ayres is everything the best body butter should be. Infused with essential oils such as lemongrass, jasmine, and orange blossom, this beauty line offers deep moisturization and an alluring scent.

Ayres Beauty Ayres Beauty
Midnight Tango Collection

Natural Inspiration for a Luxurious Fragrance

The fragrance of the Ayres Beauty line is what truly sets it apart from its counterparts. Fresh and effervescent, the scent of each line is passionate without being overpowering. It’s where you can truly experience the inspiration that comes from the beauty of Buenos Aires. The scents are light and refreshing and, just like the purity of nature, its subtlety is what makes it so extravagant.

You wear the scent- the scent doesn’t wear you.

Ayres BeautyAyres Beauty
Patagonia Collection

Just as important as the scent is the enriching effect that this luxury body lotion has on your skin. Infused with vitamin-E, this lotion feels light on your skin, giving you a deep, long-lasting moisture.

After trying dozens of products on the market, we’ve official given Ayres Beauty the title of best body butter. The infusion of essential oils creates a tantalizing, natural scent that you’ll adore with each use.

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