Quote Pillowcases to Inspire You Everyday

March 6, 2015
Faceplant Dreams

Our collection of quote pillowcases are sure to send you off to sweet dreams each night. The bed is the main focus of your bedroom and placing an uplifting message as the centerpiece is sure to radiate positive energy throughout the space. A sweet reminder each time you lie down and a little motivation when you wake up is something that everyone can cherish!

With a range of quotes to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding words that speak to you. Our quote pillowcases are made with 100% cotton, so the material is just as comforting as your favorite quote. To pair with them, we also carry a collection of slippers, sleepshirts, and essential bags to keep inspiration flowing all around you.

Faceplant Dreams

Thoughtful Wedding Gifts (and more!)

Welcome guests with an uplifting message or send off a sweet quote to someone you cherish. The his and hers pillowcases (which also come in his/his and hers/hers) make for a thoughtful wedding gift and are a fun way for couples to claim their side of the bed. The King/Queen pillowcases are another thoughtful anniversary gift for a sweetheart who is royalty to you. Whether for a grandmother, a friend, a child, or a hostess, these pillowcases make a heartfelt gift that will remind a loved one of you each time they go to sleep.

Faceplant Dreams

Kick your standard white pillowcases to the curb and add some personalization to your bed set. The neutral color scheme fits in with any bedding and styles come in standard/queen pillowcases as well as king pillowcases. This collection of quote pillowcases is the perfect alternative to your everyday pillowcase and stands out as elegant and personal.

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