Designer Silk Scarves in Three-Dimensional Textiles

Feb. 25, 2015
Tammy Child

Our new collection of designer silk scarves are not just accessories; they are works of art.

Made of 100% silk, these accessories perfectly capture the designer’s inspiration of sea life and tropical forms. The curves of material and blend of colors resemble the fluid, colorful movement of a barrier reef; the delicate material flows in calm waves.

The intricacy of the scarves’ three-dimensional shape and selection of rich colors caught our attention immediately. And, while the design is dynamic, integrating these scarves into your wardrobe is still as easy as wrapping on any scarf. A more formal take on this popular accessory, these scarves can dress up an outfit or add intrigue to already formal dress.

Tammy Child

The Design Making Process

These designer silk scarves are made in layers, where materials such as organza and satin are overlapped to create a full, flowing effect. The sculpture is then formed by a fine wire stitched in the end of the fabric. The designer, Tammy Child, developed the collection based on her love for three-dimensional textiles, and has used her unique talent to develop a beautiful and distinctive line of accessories.

Tammy Child

Even during a time where scarves top the list of coveted accessories, Tammy’s line of scarves are in a class all their own. Not only is the shape exclusive to Tammy’s designs, but she’s taken an elegant route to an accessory that is customarily casual. The line transforms the modern interpretation of scarves into something remarkable.

The intricate shapes and fearless color palates of these designer silk scarves captivate attention and make for a wearable piece of artwork. They are a bold accessory that is sure to start conversation.

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