The Original Wood Sunglasses

Feb. 23, 2015
Shwood Eyewear

Sunglasses are, without a doubt, the best accessory out there. They easily amp your look with a cool, stylish vibe and they allow you to safely enjoy the sun.

Our new, original wood sunglasses are no exception on the matter.

Transforming our idea of what constitutes cool, Shwood Eyewear has developed a line of wood sunglasses that highlight the beauty of nature in an array of flattering designs. The rich colors of the wood and classic shapes reinterpret how we think of sunglasses.

Straying from trends and tradition, Shwood Eyewear has created the epitome of what sunglasses should be: effortlessly stylish and evidently unique.

Shwood Eyewear Shwood Eyewear

Design Style of Glasses

These original wood sunglasses are made for the adventurer, the individual: someone who isn’t afraid to live and think creatively.

The designs are classic; with clean lines and flattering, unisex shapes, the construction of these sunglasses is meant to highlight the rich tones and unique patterns of the wood.

The beauty of the wood is the prominent feature of these sunglasses; it is what all other design aspects are based around. The product is a fusion of nature and artistry, which makes for a collection of timeless and unique sunglasses.

Shwood EyewearShwood Eyewear

Materials Used and Manufacturing Methods

Located in Portland, Oregon, Shwood Eyewear is the creator behind the wood sunglasses trend. As the original wood sunglasses brand, they paved a pathway of excellence and innovation in the world of eyewear.

Their expert craftsmanship is evident in the elegance of their product. Using modern technology with skilled craftsmanship, each pair of sunglasses is made to last. Using sustainably harvested, premium-grade lumber, along with a collection of other natural materials, Shwood Eyewear is created with high-quality in mind both in craft and material.

The result: a pair of sunglasses that will last the trials of time and changing trends.

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