Anywhere Fireplace Oasis Gel Fuel Fireplace

$ 139.99

Anywhere Fireplace Oasis Gel Fuel Fireplace

The perfect centerpiece is one that adapts to the occasion. The Oasis fireplace does just that. A stainless steel body gives way to a top to be filled with stones, marbles, shells, and glass; perfect for affecting a certain mood.

The Oasis provides the perfect amount of light, be it on a wedding table or a cozy porch. These anywhere fireplaces leave behind the inconvenience of smoke, construction, and fumes; replacing them with easy clean flames.

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Dimensions: 13.5" at top, 7.75" at bottom. 7.75" H.
Stainless Steel.
Indoor or Outdoor.
Ventless: no chimney, gas, or electric hookup required.
Gel Fuel Canisters.
Sits on any level surface.

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This product is Earth Friendly.

This fireplace burns on recycled post-consumer materials. Considered the “greenest” fuel on the market, Smart Fuel emits only water vapor and CO2, burning smokeless, odorless, and without pollutants. The environmentally friendly nature proves that the beauty of this fireplace can be found in more than just its captivating flame.

Anywhere Fireplace

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