Curva Handmade Paper Shadow Box Art

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The Curva Paper Shadow Box Art by Gold Leaf Design proudly displays the intricacy of handmade paper. The black shadow box offers a modern appeal, allowing for this art to be showcased in a variety of decor settings. Pair with other paper art for a unique display of traditional craft. Sold in a set of 2.

Made in Chicago, this handmade paper is created from recycled cardboard, newspaper, sawdust, pineapple fiber, banana fiber, and grasses. Sheets of paper are developed using Japanese paper making tradition and technology. Each sheet will be unique.

Uniquely offered by Trovati Studio.


Materials: Handmade paper.
Dimensions: 12.5" SQ x 2.5" D.
Sold in set of 2.

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handmade paper art
handmade paper art

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