Anywhere Fireplace - Bio Ethanol Smart Fuel 6/12 Liter Pack

$ 90.00

For the use with the fireplace models: Broadway, Chelsea, Gramercy, Hudson, Lexington, Madison, Manhattan, Metropolitan, SoHo, and Tribeca II. Bio Ethanol Smart Fuel is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. No harmful fumes are generated; no soot, smoke, smell, or residue. Smart Fuel contains BITR, a bitterant to prevent accidental ingestion by children and small animals. Laboratory Tested and Certified for safety and clean, toxic-free exhaust. Do not attempt to remove plastic flame arrestor from the bottle. Cannot be air shipped.

  • Never pour ethanol onto a burning flame or ember.
  • Allow burners to cool at least 15-20 minutes (cool to the touch) before refilling.
  • Keep bottle away from open flames, electrical sparks, and high temperatures.
  • Treat ethanol with the same respect you would treat gasoline fuel.
  • Always read and follow manufacturers operating and safety instructions prior to use and ALL warnings on the bottle of Smart Fuel.

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