Swahili African Modern 12 Note Senegalese Balaphon Xylophone

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Swahili African Modern 12 Note Senegalese Balaphon Xylophone

Enrich your home with the beauty of music by incorporating this traditional West African design. The 12 Note Senegalese Balaphon Xylophone is a percussion instrument that resembles a xylophone; this model is handcrafted for both decorative and functional purposes.

Created by Senegalese balaphone craftspeople, each balaphon includes 12 wooden notes and calabash gourd resonators. The entire piece is lashed with cotton cord and mallets are included. This instrument provides a rich sound and makes a beautiful, sentimental addition to your decor setting. Curated by Swahili African Modern.


Material: Wood, gourds, cotton cord
Dimensions: 19" L x 11" W x 5" H

Swahili African Modern

Celebrating the artistry of modern Africa, Swahili African Modern focuses on building a network of talented African artisans through conscientious and sustainable product development.

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