Vintage Art Posters

Vintage Art Posters

Bold. Memorable. Authentic.

On the streets of early 20th century Paris, flashy and beautiful posters called for the attention of Parisians and filled the city with color. Advertisements for all things imaginable carried the history and style of their time—the passion, extravagance, and customs—and quickly became popular throughout all of Europe. Although the public adored them, these posters are a rare find today—either discarded or weathered by time. Alan Dickar, collector and aficionado of vintage art posters, has spent the last decade searching Europe for these coveted pieces of artwork and now presents them to you.

The Story Unfolds

After fascinated by one of these posters at a 1995 antique show, Alan has devoted his time to finding and selling these captivating items. A New York City economist at the time, seeing these posters at the antique show- in which he attended as a favor for a friend- sparked a new passion in Alan. He bought 77 posters and started a new life as a vintage art collector.

At present, Alan travels Europe to add to his collection of over 80,000 vintage posters—one of the largest in the United States.

These rare collector items each have a unique element of artistry specific to their theme and origin. Humor, beauty, or adventure were used to convey a message to the public and each would be a standout piece in your home. Each poster comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and has been professionally mounted on to linen for preservation—a method used worldwide by museums.

"Almost every great artist created posters- Chagall, Picasso, Warhol, Matisse. All of the posters Alan curates are originals and it's astounding to look at the same work that decorated the streets of Europe in the early 1900's."

-Cherie Stoll, Trovati Writer

Historical Art

Although the popularity of posters began over 100 years ago, they are still a beloved piece of artistry today—their authenticity and vintage aesthetic still as breathtaking as they were in the early 1900’s. These bright graphics with bold headings are sure to grab attention; after all—that’s what they were made for.

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