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Trovati is changing the way consumers learn about and purchase products. We put creation in the imagination of our patrons by not only testing their boundaries in personal and home design, but giving them exclusive access to a curated collection of unique designs from around the world. We bring you the world, without ever asking you to leave your home.

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"We are exposing you to history, culture, lifestyle, and the process behind creating beautiful works. And, most importantly, we are teaching you how to curate for your own life.."

-Paula Murphy, Trovati CEO


Uncovering Stories

Trovati means to “stumble upon something unexpectedly.” Trovati Studio grew out of our owner's passion for world travel, and the thrill and fulfillment she felt when she would stumble upon wonderful “treasures”. Learning about the artisans, creators, and their products became a passion. It’s never been just about the products, it’s all about the story: the country, the culture, the people, the craftsmanship, the design. Our owner has found herself fortunate to have these experiences, to live—first hand—the story behind every unique treasure we bring you. And now, what better way to fuel her passion than to share it with you.

Every product we feature comes with a story to tell. It comes steeped in history, design, and creativity, and each brand has a passion for what they do and create.

While we deeply appreciate history and culture, we love gaining an understanding of the story of the individual behind a product. We'd rather meet and speak with people in a city we are visiting and learn their story than spend hours in a museum. Our favorite moments when traveling are spent meeting and learning about people. People are similar all around the world: they need to be appreciated for their creativity, passion, and individuality, and they should be empowered to do wonderful works. Validation of creation is a beautiful thing.

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