Sophia- Enjoy Thinking

Sophia- Enjoy Thinking

Cultural. Thoughtful. Colorful.

Based in Greece, Sophia (Σοφία, Greek for wisdom) is a cultural initiative focused on introducing authentic Greek design to an international market. Finding inspiration from their country’s profound history, Sophia’s designs are reminiscent of authentic Greek architecture, academia, and art.

Through their home goods, Sophia hopes to create dialogue surrounding tradition and knowledge. They place emphasis on the act of sharing and thinking, creating an experience with their product.

Design Philosophy

Sophia’s designs are defined by traditional shapes, minimal embellishments, and bold colors. Their pillows, decorative accessories, and kitchenware put a contemporary spin on classical ideas. In the home, they introduce new concepts and eye-catching hues.

Each of the Sophia collections come from distinct inspiration. The Philosophia collection uses words of Greek origin that are found in English vocabulary such as dialogue, utopia, and harmony. Particularly inspired by Greek philosophy, this collection explores the significance of Greek language in English vocabulary.

Created by Greek designer Alexandra, the Eternity Today collection gives classic Greek design a contemporary flair. Using imagery from Greek art, philosophy, and mythology, these home decor goods are traditional, yet bold.

"[Sophia is] based on our history's concept of beauty, health, endurance, strength, victory and wisdom, and inspired by all those things that have remained constant, beautiful, authentic, and true."

A Cultural Alliance

Sophia’s designs are created exclusively in Greece and Europe, placing importance on cultural alliance and ethical trading. It is their goal to create a supportive group of artists and professionals.

By sharing the vast Greek culture, Sophia is empowering local economies and strengthening communities.

Sophia applies their motto of “Enjoy Thinking” into every aspect of design. Using the concepts of beauty, strength, and victory, these home goods communicate a passion for heritage and creativity.

Products By Sophia

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