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Regina by Regina Andrew

Jewelry Care Information

Over time with frequent wear, the surface treatment of these antiqued pieces will take on a patina. This is an intended occurrence, as it adds uniqueness to each piece. However, if the patina becomes dull, you may use a dry soft jersey cloth to gently buff the area, which will restore the luster.

Generally, jewelry cleaner should not touch the stones, as it can wear off the shiny polish or be absorbed by a porous surface. Do not shower or swim with your jewelry on. Apply lotions, perfumes, and hair spray before putting on your jewelry.

Jewelry Warranty

Given the delicate nature of the hand made processes and the natural materials worked with to create this jewelry, refunds are not offered. However, we do offer a 90-day warranty on all pieces from the date of purchase. This warranty covers manufacturing faults, but does not cover neglect or wear and tear.

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