Regina Andrew

Regina Andrew

Creative. Passionate. Inspired.

Regina Andrew is fueled by artistic devotion and a passion for design. Executive heads Carla “Regina” Zajac and Jimi “Andrew” Slaven are the creative duo behind the designs and have made a name for themselves through their creativity and exuberant personalities. The home fashion line of Regina Andrew is a reflection of such, featuring an exciting collection of imaginative pieces formed with unique materials.

Staying True to Their Roots

Regina Andrew began with a charity fundraiser in 1997, where Zajac and Slaven were named finalists for their “designer dog house”. Twenty years later, Regina Andrew has become a leading name in home fashion with a catalog of over 1000 products.

As their line continues to grow, Regina Andrew remains dedicated to building their unique aesthetic through hard work and creativity.

Regina Andrew has put the utmost importance on investing in their city of Detroit. The spirit of the city has been an inspiration since the company’s foundation and shows influence in many aspects of their design. The unwavering optimism and loyalty of the Motor City are- and always will be- at the heart of Regina Andrew. Their efforts to “Keep Detroit Beautiful” reflects in their beautiful workspaces.

In addition, the company is dedicated to respecting the environment during their artistic endeavors. They often use recycled and reclaimed materials and all of their offices and warehouses are 100% solar powered. Regina Andrew’s philanthropic mission revolves around animal rescue and rehabilitation.

"Passion for Regina Andrew is creating a magical experience through its diverse product lines and enchanted showroom spaces."

Regina Andrew in the Home

Passion is at the core of Regina Andrew: passion for creativity, for their city, and for their consumers. Their designs are communicative of this, telling a story through creativity. Their home products are enchanting and surprise with unique pairings and unparalleled design. In the home, they make a statement and reveal a captivating form of artistry.

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