Inventive. Inspired. Nostalgic.

Taking notes from the most successful of inventors and intellectuals, Pendulux designs useful and imaginative products that spark interest and boast innovation. Using materials such as solid brass tubing, polished aluminum, and hand-formed sheet metal, Pendulux allows their inventive spirit to conceive the ideas behind their unique lighting, clocks, and décor.

Pendulux's products take you a step back in time when the world raced to create new and ingenious inventions and craftsman used quality materials to produce sturdy and lasting products. Creating pieces you would find in the homes and offices of world leaders, scientists, inventors and movie stars, Pendulux combines old-time ingenuity with the necessities of modern day.

Vintage Reproduction Decor

Most of the Pendulux designs find specific inspiration from original vintage pieces. From navy ships to car dashboards and telegraph offices to airplanes, each timepiece has a unique origin. Pendulux takes authentic, often hard to find pieces and reinterprets them for the modern home. Labeled as vintage reproductions, these functional home decor pieces offer a piece of history that would otherwise not be available to most.

The influence of maritime and military design makes the Pendulux collection undeniably industrial. Many of the Pendulux designs are defined by distressed materials and exposed metals, while others have a whimsical mid-century modern appeal.

"[Pendulux is] a collection of goods that evokes iconic destinations and time periods throughout history, showcasing styles both antiquated and modern."

The Brand's Origin

The founder of Pendulux had the intrigue to fasten items together at an early age, where he would take apart household items and brandish them into something new. Then, as a graphic designer, he harbored his creative talents into creating award-winning designs. It wasn’t until 1995, however, that his passion was truly realized: to consistently be designing new and affordable products for the home and office.

The Pendulux brand began in 2014 and is now composed of team of six dedicated members that have collective design experience in a global market. Their office and manufacturing building is located in Point Richmond, California.

Products By Pendulux

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