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Mona B

Rustic. Fearless. Authentic.

We welcome you to join us in living the Mona B lifestyle. More than just a line of products, Mona B stands for the free-spirited and adventurous women and seeks to make a difference both stylistically and environmentally.

Each Mona B bag is crafted from recycled military tents and truck tarps. The material- originally due to be destroyed- carries a unique past that translates into the handbag's design.

The texture and material variations that are part of the up-cycled process make each bag one-of-a-kind.

Mona B began with a vision to craft unique handbags made entirely of recycled material. Since their foundation in 2014, they have quickly grown into a highly coveted collection due to both style and story.

Mona B
mona b

Recycled Bags for Men and Women

The Mona B collection includes handbags, tech bags, and travel bags for both men and women. The neutral-hued, rugged material suits a unisex style and can be styled both up and down.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the recycled canvas material is ultra-durable: perfect for everyday wear.

Additional wear will only add character to your bag; the material responds beautifully to scratches and fading. With each adventure, your Mona B bag will hold strong while crafting a unique story.


"A Mona B collection brings out the best of intrigue, innuendo, and inspiration in every piece it creates."

Mona B
Mona B

The Style

The recycled material has a naturally rustic style; design-wise, however, the collection spans across the board. Mona B handbags are created for the adventurer, whether in the city, cross-country, or at right at home. Fashionistas, bohemians, and minimalists will all find a style to suit their lifestyle.

The Mona B line ranges from mini crossbodies to weekend duffles. No matter for school, work, or play, this collection has a shape to suit your schedule.

Mona B has transformed recycled material into an on-trend collection. Embellishments, stamping, and hardware turn blank canvas into a stylish and affordable accessory. Each season, they introduce an exciting new collection that surprises customers with innovative ways to give recycled material new life.

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